DIY – Create your own Eiffel Tower!


Everybody who is visiting Paris (and Parisians as well) is fascinated by the Eiffel Tower. It is high, thin, well-designed, and beautifully illuminated at night. But most of all the Eiffel Tower has this delicate Parisian charm, it is a great place to meet with your friends or your loved one, to spend a nice evening watching the lights turning on and sparkling.

All this inspired us, so we designed a “Home Eiffel Tower” DIY that perfectly fits on the wall and add a French touch to your room.

Have fun making your own.

You’ll need :

–        81 Printics
–        A quarter pack of adhesive tack
–        A space on your wall 3’2” wide and 6’7” high (1m and 2,5m)

Follow the design right below, and don’t hesitate to adjust the design to your preferences:

Capture d’écran 2013-12-17 à 16.39.20

And finally you’ll get this!


Once your Eiffel tower is created, share it on Instagram & Facebook and send us the link, you’ll get a FREE coupon for a Printic Box!

Download the app now, order your Printics and start creating your amazing Eiffel Tower!

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