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Born in Wales, Darran Rees was originally trained in art and painting, before diving in the  world of photography and capturing images around the world : America, Asia, Africa, Europe… He’s been traveling quite a lot! And always captures some beautiful, particular moments wherever he’s going. As you may have noticed on our Instagram, Printic was in New York just recently, and it’s a city we love!

So it seems right to show you some fantastic pictures of NYC, taken by Darran Rees on a cold morning, during an epic photoshoot. Those “two hours freezing in the early light proved to be pretty rewarding”, he says on his online portfolio. And we could agree with him more! Dive into those pictures, enjoy their unique atmosphere and get lost in a NYC you’ve never seen before! Do you love his work and want to discover more of his pictures? They are waiting for you on his website! 🙂

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